Tamar Pollock

Hi! I am thrilled to announce that I will ride with Bike NCSY once again this August! As you probably know by now, I am very passionate about my involvement in NCSY year-round as well as bike NCSY (not just Baltimore). NCSY provides incredible opportunities for Jewish teens across the world filling them with inspiration and passion for Judaism. Bike NCSY helps raise money for scholarships to send teens to Israel for the year so they can continue the growth and development that they worked so hard on in high school. I have gained many more personal connections and relationships with NCSY teens so giving them this opportunity means much more to me this year. I encourage you to join me on my ride and raise money to send more teens on this incredible journey. If you can't ride, I sincerely ask that you donate and sponsor my ride so I can help the NCSY teens as best as I can! No amount is too little (or too much...) Thank you so much! Tizku Lmitzvos


  • Anonymous - $250.00
  • Michelle Weingarten - $118.00

    You got this! Hatzlacha! Tizku limitzvos

  • Anonymous - $50.00

    Go Tamarind! Hazlacha!!!

  • Ari Gellman - $36.00
  • Rikki and kobi Pollock - $180.00

    Cuz I’m the greatest big brother you could ask for ❤️

  • Anonymous - $50.00

    Go Tamar!

  • Meryl & Jeremy Strauss - $360.00
  • Anonymous - $100.00

    GO TAMAR!!!!!

  • Yonatan Pollock - $181.00

    One more than kobi

  • Chanan and Atara Aschendorf - $36.00

    Go tamar!!! So proud of you!

  • Stephen & Elana Rabinowitz - $100.00

    Go Tamar!!

All proceeds go to support NCSY programs and scholarships.