Micah Greenland

As you likely know, I have been involved with the life-changing, Jewish-identity building work of NCSY for almost my entire life. And for the past eight and half years, I have served as the organization's international director.

For the past two years, I have successfully completed 33-mile bike rides each summer - still a major accomplishment following a biking injury in July 2017. Thankfully, each ride went well enough that it has encouraged my confidence to try it again.

This year, in August, I will be doing another 33-mile bike ride as part of the BIKE NCSY effort to raise scholarship funds for NCSY teens. Many of you already support NCSY, and if you do, thank you very much - you can consider this just an FYI about my intended ride. However, if you do not already support NCSY, I'd greatly appreciate you considering a gift as a sponsor of my ride.

Thank you all in advance! I appreciate your love and support whether you contribute or not!


  • Arnie and Shoshana - $180.00

    With love from Uncle Arn and Aunt Sho

  • Anna Maryles - $100.00

    Keep NCSY going and growing Dad and Mom

  • Scott Richman - $100.00

    Micah - super happy to support you in anything you do - Scott R.

  • Mike and Renee Botelho - $1000.00

    Micah, I am honored to support your efforts to a great program that serves and inspires many young adults. Your work is amazing and is a great inspiration to many! Good luck on your ride. Mike and Renee

  • Simon Family - $36.00

    Thank you for all you do! & Hatzlacha with the ride!

  • Hillel Schuster - $100.00

    Keep that pedal to the metal. You are a continuing inspiration to many. Much love (and a bit of financial support) from Israel

  • Menachem and Tovi Kirshner - $330.00

    Hatzlacha! Bli neder I’ll sponsor dad for $10/mile if he joins you :).

  • Harold Frolich - $100.00
  • Jeffrey Korbman - $180.00

    Forget about all you do for Klal YIsroel. Just WATCH THE CURB.

  • Shlomo Mandel - $41.54

    Thank you for all that you do especially your leadership for all of us at NCSY! Hatzlacha with the ride!

  • Tiffany Yankovich - $54.00

    Good luck and enjoy the ride!

  • Yosef Ginsberg - $18.00

    The best of luck! In honor of all you do for NCSY Israel and NCSY around the world!

  • Elie and Sari Ginsparg - $36.00

    Tizku LMitzvos!

  • Harry Korros - $100.00

    Micah: You caught us just when we were about to return to Israel. We are always glad to support NCSY and your personal efforts. Wishing you much mazel. Butch & Sandy

  • Marilyn and David Cutler - $180.00

    Kol Hakavod RMG!

  • Matthew Kueker - $150.00
  • Steven Feiger - $180.00

    congrats on achieving your goal

All proceeds go to support NCSY programs and scholarships.