Jon Ackerman

Here we go! My 4th ride with Bike NCSY I am extremely excited to take on this challenge in support of such an incredible cause. Every year, NCSY enables Jewish teens across North America to begin the journey of realizing their Jewish potential. Ride with me- anyone can do it! You can register to ride at OR you can sponsor MY ride at
This year I am raising money in the Zechut of a Refuah Shelaima (complete recovery) for Talia Penina Bat Nechama Freida. PM me with any questions!


  • Anonymous - $50.00


  • Anonymous - $275.00

    Game On!

  • Esther & Aro Gottlieb - $36.00

    Keep up the great work Jon!! Esther & Ari Gottlieb & Family

  • Sruli and Joy Szpigiel - $100.00

    My PIC. Refuah Shelaima!

  • Ariella & David Kesselman - $180.00

    Go get ‘em Jon!! I want first place :)

  • Josh Silber - $36.00

    Jon’s Bike NCSY

  • Rivi & Avi Brum - $180.00
  • Ari Clark - $100.00

    Jon's the man!!

  • Naftali Pfeiffer - $50.00

    To our good friend Jon.

  • Eleanor and David Klein - $54.00

    For a complete refuah for Talia Eleanor and David klein

  • Deborah Cohn - $50.00
  • Judy and Heshy Gruen - $54.00

    Refuah Shelaima Talia!

  • Shani Szpigiel - $50.00
  • Raimi Rosen - $18.00

    Talia Penina Bat Nechama Freida should have a refuah shleimah! xx

  • Susan and Moish Smulevitz - $180.00

    May your commitment to Torah and Klal Yisrael be the Zechus for a refuah to all cholem. You are truly amazing.

  • Anonymous - $180.00

    you got this Jonny! wishing Talia a refua shelaima❤️

  • Yoni Wachspress - $54.00
  • Samantha & Yossi Wiseman - $18.00

    B’zechus Refuah Shleimah for Talia Penina bs Nechama Freida and Efraim Simcha bn Shepsi Rachel

  • Sheri and Fred Grunseid - $250.00
  • Susan Katz - $36.00

    To support all the hard work you do, and for a refuah shelamah for Talia Penina. With much love and support Robert,Susie,Netanel and Donny

  • Rachel and Mordechai Elberger Grunseid - $180.00

    I'm confused... How many tickets does this get us towards winning that bike?

  • Betty Rosenfeld - $50.00

    From Bubby & Zaidy A'H

  • lisa hiesigr - $25.00

    go Jon. from the hiesigers

  • Evan and Esti Hirschhorn - $72.00

    Hatzlacha!!! Refuah Shleima!! Dont forget to pass the strawberry on the route..... The Hirschhorns

  • Miriam and Aron White - $18.00

    Go Jon!! May Talía Penina have a Refuah Shleimah!

  • Ackerman Girls - $100.00

    Go abba! We’re so proud of all the work you do!! Love, your girls!

  • Rachel and Michael Habinsky - $72.00

    Refuah shlaima! Go Jon!

  • JONATHAN FEDER - $100.00

    bike hard, don't fall. cheering for you.... -yoni, abigail, and joseph feder

  • Avi Feder - $50.00

    L'Zchus a Refuah Shilama for our Talia

  • Nicole Chermak - $36.00

    All of your work for Klal Yisrael through this ride and beyond should storm shamayim for a refuah shleima for Talia Penina bas Nechama Freida!!

  • Jeremy and Marci Teichman - $36.00
  • Dahlia and YY Berman - $18.00

    Tizku lmitzvos!

  • Rachel & Dan Rosenbaum - $50.00

    Refuah sheleima to Talia & bike on bro! Keep inspiring people to hit their goals!

  • Natan Hecht - $360.00

    Thanks for serving as general manager of the West Hempstead team. Sorry I can't ride with you this year.

  • David & Ricky Adler - $180.00

    Your efforts for the future of the Jewish people are so close to our hearts, Jon. May your ride be על כנפי נשרים and refua shelema to Talia Penina Bat Nechama Freida

  • Jessica and Shalom Ganchrow - $54.00

    For a continued, speedy and complete refuah for Talia Penina Bat Nechama Freida

  • Sruli and Atara Wertentheil - $36.00
  • Myron and Sondra Sokal - $36.00

    Go Team Myrna!!!

  • Liz and Sam Koenig - $540.00

    L'Zchus Refuah Shelaima for Talia Penina!

  • Manny Grunseid - $36.00

    Jon keep up the good work. רפואה שלמה לטליה פנינה בת נחמה פריידה. Love ya Manny & Shoshi Grunseid

  • Daniella Cohen - $36.00

    Keep it up!!

All proceeds go to support NCSY programs and scholarships.