Jon Ackerman

Here we go. My 3rd ride with Bike NCSY! I am extremely excited to take on this challenge in support of such an incredible cause. Every year, NCSY enables Jewish teens across North America to begin the journey of realizing their Jewish potential. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has sponsored my ride in the past, and to Team West Hempstead, for joining me in this incredible adventure.

RIDE WITH US! We'll have a ton of fun, get awesome swag, and actually do some good along the way.

Join me in my cycling journey and cheer me on through Bike NCSY’s social media on Instagram (@bike_ncsy) and Facebook (@bikencsy)


  • Jon Ackerman - $150.00

    In honor of my friends and fellow riders- the warriors of Team West Hempstead!

  • David Sclar - $26.00
  • Sammy and Rikki Kahn - $360.00

    Thank you for all that you do for NCSY and the Jewish community!! Tizku l’mitzvos!

  • Sheri and fred Grunseid - $250.00

    In honor of our fantastic son in law Jon Ackerman

  • Moish Smulevitz - $100.00

    In honor of my "fifth" child who I will always consider a member of my extended family. May you go from strength to strength and succeed in all you do. Tizku L'Mitzvot. Moish & Susan Smulevitz

  • Judy Rosenblum - $100.00

    Good Luck Jonny!!!

  • Anonymous - $36.00
  • Anonymous - $18.00

    Go Jon! Thanks for everything you do for Klal Yisrael!

  • Sondra and Myron Sokal - $100.00

    In honor of Jon Ackerman and the whole Myrna Drive team of riders and supporters. Go Team Myrna!

  • Ari Clark - $200.00

    Go Jon!

  • Daniella and Jonah Cohen - $36.00

    For all the special work you do!! Good luck!

  • Josh Silber - $36.00

    One dollar for every Facebook post I will be tagged in!

  • Avi Weinryb - $36.00

    Third time's the charm. You've got this!

  • Anonymous - $36.00

    Good luck!! Keep up the amazing work you do!

  • Rachel Elberger & Mordechai Grunseid - $180.00

    Use the force, Luke! Oh hey Jon. Are you also here to support Luke? This is your page? Hmmm… That was meant for Luke. Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker who is also participating in Bike NCSY.

  • Shira Schiffman - $100.00

    Lord Jonathan, This isn't going to mean anything to you, but: Leo I mean Shira was right. Shira was right. Bike on! The Schiffman Crew

  • Sruli and Joy Szpigiel - $150.00

    In memory of Harvey Szpigiel and Larry Levine, and in honor of the 9:10 minyan!

  • Evan and Esti Hirschhorn - $100.00

    Go Jon!!!! Rooting for you!!! Wishing you hatzlacha! evan, esti shaya and yosef.

  • Irit Vinitsky - $36.00

    We are so proud of all you do!

  • Anonymous - $36.00

    For old-times-sake ☺️ Keep doing good !

  • Steven & Suzanne Chermak - $100.00

    Go Jon - Have a Great Ride !

  • Ricky & David Adler - $180.00

    May the force be with you Thank you for the forward momentum for the Jewish future Jon.

  • Natan Hecht - $36.00

    in honor of all the organizing

  • Ari & Esther Gottlieb - $36.00

    Good luck Jon, you're doing great work! The Gottlieb Family

  • Avi Brum - $180.00

    Go Jon! Keep doing what you’re doing! The Brum’s

  • Liz and Sam Koenig - $500.00
  • Ackerman Girls - $50.00

    Go abba! We’re so proud of you! Love, ima, ashira, nava, Talia and Yaira

  • JONATHAN FEDER - $100.00

    Happy belated birthday Bike NCSY Champ. Love, Yoni, Abigail, and Baby J Feder

All proceeds go to support NCSY programs and scholarships.