Jon Ackerman

Wow, where to start?

I have been involved with NCSY for 18 years. NCSY isn't just a job, or even a career... it's part of my heart and soul. Committing to the adventure of Bike NCSY and its mission to raise funds to send our graduates to Israel for a year of growth, connection, and embracing their Jewish future, is my way of giving back to the organization that has given so much to me. People often ask me, "Do you still do NCSY?" My response is "No, I LIVE NCSY."* Join me and Team West Hempstead (The Best Place) in our quest to enable Jewish teens to find their Jewish path in Israel. Please sponsor us, or join the team at

Also, this year I am dedicating my training and ride in the merit of a quick recovery for my friend and mentor, Yehoshua Dovid Ben Alteh Yenteh, who inspired me to ride in the first place.

Thank you!


*Editors note: Ok, yeah, I usually just respond "yes."

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  • Anonymous - $200.00

    Ride Jon Ride!

  • deborah Cohn - $72.00

    Enjoy the Ride!

  • Anonymous - $500.00
  • Samuel and Asher Koenig - $18.00
  • The Rosenblums - $100.00

    Good luck Jonny!!!

  • Wendy and Allan Ackerman - $50.00

    We’re so proud of what you do! Wendy and Dad

  • Ricky & David Adler - $360.00

    Thank you for being there Jon. You work tirelessly toward the continuation and perpetuity of the Jewish people. I will always have your back or be your wingman if you need one. עלה והצלח.

  • Lisa & Zvi Hiesiger - $36.00

    Go Jon Go!! Love your cousins Miri & Joseph (aka yosef)

  • Ari Mayefsky - $50.00
  • Betty Rosenfeld - $36.00

    Wishing you mazal and bracha in all you endeavor. Bubby Rosenfeld

  • Nathan Yanowitz - $18.00

    Enjoy the ride! Malkie & Nachum

  • Jonathan Feder - $36.00

    Rooting for you! Keep up the great work. Love, Yoni & Abigail

  • Faigy Feder - $36.00

    Proud to be related to the famous Jon Ackerman! Love, the Feders

  • Mordechai Grunseid and Rachel Elberger - $18.00

    While we fully support your biking practices, we must come together to condemn Target and its thinly veiled attempts to sabotage your riding. Amen

  • Evan Hirschhorn - $36.00

    Hatzlacha on your journey! Esti, Evan Shaya and Yosef

  • Deborah Marchuck - $41.00 have now surpassed RYM!! Good job!!! Thank you all you do!! The Marchuck family

  • David Kesselman - $180.00

    Good luck Jon!

  • Daniel Gordon - $18.00
  • The Katz Family - $36.00

    Good luck Jon and pedal on!!
    We are cheering for you!
     Love and support from
    The Katz's

  • Joshua Silber - $18.00

    In honor of the upcoming 2019 Green Bay Packers season .

  • Anonymous - $25.00

    In honor of all the POW/MIA and in Honor of Jon after all he is an old guy on a bike!

  • Jinja (& Joy) Ninja - $18.00

    Maaser for my championship winnings

  • Esther & Ari Gottlieb - $18.00

    Good Luck Jon! And great work!

  • Sarah & Yehoshua Auman - $36.00
  • Sabrina & Simcha Brick - $75.00

    Jon Ackerman - Thank you for being a champion of everyone, always! NCSY is blessed to have you - you are a light to all those you come into contact with. Hatzlacha RABBA on your ride. - The Bricks

  • Ari Clark - $100.00

    Go Jon Ackerman! Go NCSY! -Shani and Ari Clark

  • Daniella and Jonah Cohen - $36.00

    Good luck!!!

  • Irit Vinitsky - $18.00

    We are so proud of all you do! Irit Vinitsky

  • Shmuel Greene - $100.00

    For the refuah of Yehoshua Dovid Ben Alte Yente and to counter the Packers support. We know where these funds go to and we need them badly! Shmulie Greene and family

  • Anonymous - $104.40
  • David Tannenbaum - $18.00

    Bottom of the 9th just made it... Good luck!

  • Danit & Zvi Goldgrab - $28.00

    Good luck Jon!

  • Anonymous - $500.00

    I should be able to think of something meaningful but all I can do is remember all the good things that have come my way because of NCSY. I’m grateful to be in a position to give a little back. Jon, you remain one of my heroes and not just because you can ride a bike. Thank you.

  • Rachel Glaser - $72.00

    Yasher Koach Jon!!

All proceeds go to support NCSY teens learning in Israel for a gap year.