Meir Lieberstein

As a previous Ncsyer and NCSY advisor. NCSY means a lot to me. NCSY had a tremendous impact on my life and has shaped who I am today. Please support NCSY and their role in educating and impacting the lives of Jewish children.


  • Edward Lieberstein - $136.00

    Hatzlacha and Happy Birthday may you ride with our blessings Mom and Dad Lieberstein

  • Monique Gross - $5.00


  • Yehoshua & Deborah Marchuck - $50.00

    To an amazing friend and an even better father! Ride like the wind Meir!

  • Nachi Leiberstein - $145.00

    Thank you Abba for all you do for me! Love you.

  • Marc Lieberstein - $100.00

    Have fun!

All proceeds go to support NCSY teens learning in Israel for a gap year.