Jeffrey Korbman

Hi! I am thrilled to announce that I will ride with Bike NCSY this August! This is much more than just exercise (which is a bonus!). Riding with Bike NCSY allows me the opportunity to raise money for some of NCSY’s incredible causes. NCSY is the premier organization dedicated to connect, inspire and empower Jewish teens, while actively working to encourage passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition. NCSY provides many opportunities for high school teens, including after school learning programs, weekend Shabbatons, and leadership development initiatives. Bike NCSY enables hundreds of NCSY teens to continue on to the next stage of their Jewish journey, whether it’s on a Gap Year program learning Torah in Israel, taking a lead role in Jewish programs on their college campus, or beyond. Your partnership will help us enable Jewish teens from across North America to experience Torah and Judaism in a way they never thought possible. Join me in my cycling journey and cheer me on through Bike NCSY’s social media on Instagram (@bike_ncsy) and Facebook (@bikencsy)


  • Barbara Korbman - $18.00

    So proud of you Jeffrey.

  • Dana Korbman - $180.00

    Why can't a bicycle stand up on its own? Because it's two tired!

  • MARC TURANSKY - $180.00

    Yes, you are nuts. But your are a great person. Kol ha kavod.

  • Mara & Lawrence Margolin - $54.00

    Good luck. Yasherkoach

  • Sophia Bassan - $18.00
  • Michele Stollow - $150.00
  • Ira Rosen - $50.00

    Yes. We see you're nuts.

  • Tiffany Yankovich - $36.00

    Honored and proud to support you!

  • Steven and Gila Miodownik - $100.00
  • Rivkie Greenland - $54.00

    To one of the most inspirational people I know. You got this.

  • Joshua Rednik - $36.00

    Yes... you are nuts.

  • Judy and Ronnie Schwarzberg - $54.00
  • Barry & Marcia Levinson - $54.00

    The question answers itself :-) Yishar koach!

  • Lily Rose Borger - $123.00

    “That’s my Zaide!!“

  • Sam Korbman - $25.00

    Go pops!

  • Barry & Melinda Kornman - $118.00

    Check the tire pressure before you go!!!!

  • Rachel Cyrulnik - $36.00

    Go Jeff! I’m sure NCSY is nuts about YOU!

  • Tamar Milner - $18.00

    So proud of you! If only I could bike 5 miles

  • Oz Bar - $180.00

    Have Fun

  • Billie Lederman-Bauman - $100.00

    Hope to bike with you soon...Love, GB

  • Paula & David Saginaw - $118.00

    What a wonderful cause! Lots of good luck on your journey ---- you'll be great!

  • Miro&Merri Ukraincik - $54.00

    Who loves you, baby? Dr.U & Bubbe

  • The Ostrins - $100.00
  • Maury Litwack - $180.00
  • David Potischman - $50.00

    By now the lactic acid in your quads should have mostly dissipated, though you may still be complaining of soreness to get out of household chores. Regardless, Mazel Tov on your effort!

All proceeds go to support NCSY programs and scholarships.