Team Borenstein Sisters

Team Members

Deena  Borenstein
Deena Borenstein
Miriam  Borenstein
Miriam Borenstein


  • Rivka Abbe - $18.00

    Woooohoooo!!! DGo Deena Borenstien Jonas Loves City Grapes ;)

  • Anonymous - $36.00

    So proud of you guys!! Tizku Lemitzvos!!!!

  • Anonymous - $100.00

    Tizku lemitzvot! Break a leg ;)....jk

  • Anonymous - $54.00

    Tizku L'mitzvot!!!

  • Monique Gross - $5.00

    Miss you! Wishing you the best! I'm riding vicariously thru you :-)

  • Sarah Nagar - $150.00
  • Sharon Shulman - $50.00

    Kol Hakavod ! Can't wait for the video- xxxooo

  • Anonymous - $36.00
  • Ashira Nava Talia Ackerman - $36.00
  • Elliot Tanzman - $25.00

    In Honor of Yaakov, Talia & Asaf :-)

  • Leah Moskovich - $36.00

    Double chai for double awesomeness. You guys will rock it!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous - $18.00

    You got this! :)

  • Zisse&Barry Mueller - $55.77

    We are so proud of the Borenstein sisters! Rock on! Keep making the world a better place!

  • Anonymous - $25.00

    In honor of the incredible work of National NCSY and NCSY Alumni. Klal Yisrael would not be the way it is today without your important work.

  • Yossi and Emma Katz - $36.00

    Good luck!!

  • Anita and Richie Grossman - $120.00

    We are very proud of Miriam and Deena and all the important work they do on behalf of NCSY! Good luck and Enjoy! The Grossman Family

  • Rebecca Aryeh - $18.00

    Goooo Borensteins!!!! (Special shoutout to the one and only Deeeeniiiii)

  • Talia, Yaakov, and Asaf Borenstein - $36.00

    I couldn't be more proud of my Tia Deena and Tia Mimi! Thank you for always setting a good example for me! Love, Asaf Borenstein

  • Ariella Freedman - $36.00

    Can't wait to cheer you both on from the sidelines!! Tizku l'mitzvot!!

  • laura fruchter - $36.00

    Go Miriam and Deena!!!!

  • Anonymous - $400.00

    In honor of my very special sister Deena who makes me proud and has done an amazing job at BIKE NCSY!!! Keep making us proud :)

  • Mr. & Mrs. Boruch Borenstein - $36.00

    As always we are very proud of Miriam and Deena for your love to participate and help others. Remember it is important to participate not to win. Love you very much, Bobe and Zeidi

  • Anonymous - $18.00

    Tizku L'mitzvot!!! Keep doing what y'all are doing!!

  • Miriam and Joshua Chopp - $100.00

    The more in shape Miriam and her wonderful sister....YOU GO GIRLS!!! Tizki l'Mitzvot. Amazing video. Miriam Chopp

  • Anonymous - $18.00
  • Arieh Friedner - $18.00

    In honor of you spending your July with us on TJJ and sending more kids on Gap Year programs!

  • Ima and Aba Borenstein - $250.00

    So proud of both of you and the amazing job you are doing for NCSY BikeNcsy-GIVE-TJJ Love you Ima and Aba

  • Shelly Freedman - $100.00

    Pedal up!

  • Anonymous - $51.00

    From one pinte'le Power Ranger to another. Rock on.

  • Immanuel Sebbag - $5.00
  • Yosef Itzkowitz - $11.00

    May this holy woman take us on her bicycle and ride us to moshiach!

  • Meryl and Jeremy Strauss - $180.00

    Go- Deena/Sari!

  • Eva Feuerstein - $25.00

    Hatzlacha Raba!! You go! Central East

  • Melissa Rothwax - $36.00

    Go Deena!! Good luck and have fun!!

  • Renee Wietschner - $18.00

    Go Deena!

All proceeds go to support NCSY teens learning in Israel for a gap year.