Team Abekassis

Team Members

Daniella Abekassis
Daniella Abekassis
Yechiel Abekassis
Yechiel Abekassis


  • Nummy Skaist - $15.00

    WOOT WOOT DANIELLA! your the best! love you tons! numz

  • Ricky & David Adler - $50.00

    You did it. Now you’re giving back. Which means that you were the right one. David and I are proud of you Daniella. Your parents surely have a lot of nachat from their remarkable daughter.

  • Eddie Yair - $100.00

    Good luck

  • Tamir zak - $100.00
  • Rami & Sharon Bareket - $100.00

    Thank you for giving us the honor to support at be a part of it.

  • Eliran Abekassis - $100.00
  • Ralph Abekassis - $100.00

All proceeds go to support NCSY teens learning in Israel for a gap year.