Yehoshua Marchuck

Three days after Bike NCSY 2017 our first grandchild, Shlomo, was born. It was the power of the experience, of a next generation coming into this world, that makes one reflect on the bigger picture. Seeing the impact NCSY has had on my life, is too great for words. But now, to see a third generation of that experience and the impact that NCSY has had on us, is mind blowing. With that in mind, I am dedicating my 2018 Bike NCSY ride to Shlomo B. and wishing him a very happy birthday!

Please sponsor my ride so others can experience the impact of what NCSY can do by inspiring teens to spend a year learning Torah in Eretz Yisroel!


  • Jeremy Chernikoff - $18.00
  • Deborah Marchuck - $118.00

    We are so proud of you! You are a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Keep making us proud!! Love, Your very proud wife and kids :-)

  • Ari Gralla - $100.00
  • Moshe and Rivka Berman - $180.00

    We feel so touched that you dedicated the ride to our Shlomo. Much Hatzlacha!! Moshe and Rivka

  • Yaakov Meir & Chaya Marchuck - $180.00

    In honor of all you do for our family and Klal Yisroel, in your mission to give every Jew the Jewish education they deserve. Love, Yaakov Meir and Chaya.(your favorite son and DIL)

  • Renee Wietschner - $18.00

    Tisku Lemitzvot!

  • Anonymous - $250.00
  • Heidi & Mordy Wietschner - $100.00

    Have an amazing ride for an even more amazing cause !

  • Moniqie & Joey Gross - $18.00

    Hatzlacha! Love the outfit! From NCSY Alumni ;-) Monique & Joey

  • Simcha & Mala Goldberg - $100.00

    Way to go RYM!!! Yasher koach and have a great ride.

  • Aryeh & Sheva Mezi - $180.00
  • Miriam Wallach - $100.00

    Better you than me!

  • Simcha & Ellen (& the girls) Shaiman - $36.00

    So glad to be a part of the ride. Been fun watching the generations benefit from the NCSY inspiration. Hatzlacha !

  • Ian Peters - $100.00

    Good Luck

  • Shlomo and Chana Berger - $36.00

    Hatzlacha with the ride. May the Ribono shel olem continue to give you koach to give to others and make a difference in the world Shlomo and Chana Berger

  • Andrew Gladstone - $100.00

    There will be an additional $1 donation for every mile you ride on BikeNCSY! If it ain't on Strava it didn't happen!

  • Jon Ackerman - $100.00

    Lead the way!

  • Micah and Rivkie Greenland - $100.00

    In honor of Noam Greenland's bar mitzvah!

  • Bezalel Freedman - $50.00

    In honor of R' Marchuck and Rivkie and Mordy Greenland! Tzali Freedman, Central East

  • Lynne Gordon - $100.00

    With much hatzlacha in all you do!

  • Adam and Debbie Marchuck - $180.00

    Yasher koach! Debbie, Adam, Jeremy, Noah and Sam

  • Shimmy and Lani Tennenbaum - $180.00
  • Rob Millstone - $36.00

    Keep making us proud!!

  • Scott and Aviva Miller - $100.00

    As I said to you last year...better you than me! :)

  • Anonymous - $250.00
  • Yoseph Rosansky - $36.00

    Good going cousin Yehoshua! We know you can do it! Go BIKE NCSY! <3, Yoseph, Miri, and Chayala Rosansky

  • Anonymous - $360.00
  • David Solomon - $180.00
  • Leib Irons - $78.02

    In honor of Rabbi Marchuck's incredible dedication to NCSY Canada and to every single NCSY'er. Thank you so much for raising the bar and for making Gap Year funding and promotion such a priority. Keep on inspiring us all!!!

  • Cheryl Epstein and Family - $101.00

    In Memory of Nechemia Ben Israel Halevi. And all you do for the NCSY Alumni team.

  • Anonymous - $18.00
  • Anonymous - $36.00
  • Samy and Mikhal Soussan - $18.00

    Thank you for all you do for Klal Yisrael!

  • David Shapiro - $100.00

    Better Miriam Wallach than me

  • Moshe and Dvora Gordon - $36.00

    You've come a long way since the mile walk to Ohav was tough for the two of us. We've seen firsthand the results of your tireless work on behalf of the gap year programs. May you continue to have siyata d'shmaya for all of you work for klal yisrael.

  • Ahron Rosenthal - $36.00

    Hatzlacha Yehoshua! You are a leader in klal Yisrael!

  • Sara Leah Marchuck - $100.00

    GO TA GO! I am so proud of all the hard work you do to help teenagers go to Israel and all you do for NCSY. I Love you. Sara Leah

  • Shifra Marchuck - $56.00

    I am so proud of you Tatty! Good luck! Love, Shifra

  • ethan katz - $50.00

    Yasha Koach

  • Naomi and Zvi Nachman - $360.00

    Such an amazing event. Good luck on your ride and we are riding with you in spirit.

  • Anonymous - $50.00

    Good Luck! Keep up your great work for the Jewish people!

  • Chernofsky Family - $100.00

    Good luck! We're rooting for you.

  • Steven Silberman - $180.00

    I wish I could be riding along side but at least this way, I can be riding with you in spirit. ~ Steve

  • Leiby Zupnik - $36.00

    Yehoshua For so many on their “ride” through life you are a rock solid guide how to proceed. May Hakadosh Boruch Hu bless you to continue being that guide for people of all ages and backgrounds until 120. Warmly Leiby and Naomi, DS CS and the Twins Zupnik

  • Beth Goldsammler - $18.00

    So proud of my amazing cousin who has ALWAYS been trailblazing the way for me... and not just on bikes!!! Kol HaKavod to you for all that you do for Am Yisrael now, and always!

  • Andy Gladstone - $34.00

    As promised, $1 additional for each mile you were able to ride on a busy day. Although it was 33.38 (per Strava, the authority), I rounded up! Amazing job pulling off an unbelievable event, awareness-raiser, fund-raiser and ride!

  • Alan Botwinick - $50.00

    Keep doing great stuff for NCSY

  • Joel Rosansky - $180.00

    Great job Rabbi Marchuck!

  • Joy & Tom - $118.00

    Better late than never!

All proceeds go to support NCSY teens learning in Israel for a gap year.