Dan Sokolow

Want more lousy selfies? I'm the king of terrible self pictures. Sponsor my ride and you can request a junk photo crossing the Hudson, a junk photo in front of a picturesque upstate NY farmhouse or many other truly awful photos of a sweaty middle aged bald dude.

UPDATE: due to silly viruses, all terrible selfies will be made in front of local landmarks. If it means enough to you I can photoshop bad selfies in front of last year's scenery.

How could you possibly resist sponsoring me?


  • Sokolow Family - $180.00
  • Peter and Vera Sokolow - $100.00

    Junk photos and long bike rides beat junk food every time!

  • David Roher - $100.00

    Pedal faster ya bum.

  • Stuart Berman - $300.00

    Don't fall of the bike!

All proceeds go to support NCSY programs and scholarships.