June 25 2017 Riding to Inspire
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Yehoshua Marchuck

Every time I mount my bike, the thoughts of where will my journey will take me today runs through my mind.

There are always curves in the road and potential potholes to steer away from, but I can always count on the exhilaration of the adventure that runs through me, with every spin of my peddles.

My NCSY experience, too, has been a ride of exhilaration and a ride of adventure!

As a teen from Merrick, Long Island, registering for my first NCSY event, I never imagined the impact that that Shabbaton would have on my future. During my teen years NCSY inspired me to reflect on what course I would select and ultimately at a the most critical moment for a teen, I was sparked by NCSY to enroll in a yeshiva in Israel for a gap year.

As well, my involvement in NCSY motivated me to volunteer and lead within the Jewish community, to attach myself to quality friends and to know what to look for in a spouse, when I would meet my aishes chayil, Deborah. To say the least, NCSY sparked within me how to set my coordinates for my future as a member of the Jewish people.

My story would be enough of a description to depict an exhilarating route. However, as I see my own children growing up and leading a life of authentic Judaism; of Torah, mitzvos and a deep love for the Jewish people, I understand that my route has a much greater cause. It is quite apparent, that my ride for BikeNCSY, is truly a ride for the generations; for the Jewish people and for the Marchuck family. For my route is only the beginning and the finish line, bi"h, is no where in site.

With that in mind, I dedicate my ride to our children; Yaakov Meir, Chana, Avraham Moshe, Rivka, Moshe, Shaindy, Shifra and Sara Leah. For NCSY inspired and supported me on my journey and now it is apparent that our childrens growth too, was inspired by NCSY!

Today NCSY continues to inspire and impact thousands of teens on a daily basis. Through the JSU public school clubs, Latte and Learning programs, Shabbatons and Summer programs just to name a few. However, no matter the framework, NCSY has continued to inspire teens and generations.

I will be biking on Sunday, June 25th. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Please contribute by clicking on the donate button now.

Thank you for supporting me and joining in the journey of NCSY!

All the best,


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  • Moshe and Rivka Berman $ 50.00

    Ta- We are so proud of you. You always push us to do our best! Keep up the great work!! We love you, Moshe and Rivka Berman

  • The Marchuck Family Marchuck $ 100.00

    Wow!! We are so excited for you and this incredible event you have organized!! We think you are amazing! Can't wait to see you ride!!! Love, your biggest fans Deborah and your kids!!

  • Ahron Rosenthal $ 36.00

    Hatzlach Rabbi Marchuck!!

  • Arye Berman $ 50.00

    Good luck, have fun!!

  • Alona & David Shapiro $ 100.00

    In memory of Malca Shapiro & in honor of our three new grandchildren.

  • Daniel David $ 36.00
  • Moshe Dovid Weissman $ 36.00

    Tizku L'Mitzvos - good luck!

  • Avraham Moshe & Chana Wolfson $ 50.00

    Go Ta Go!

  • Anonymous $ 72.00
  • Shira Epstein $ 36.00

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do in the NCSY Alumni department.

  • Scott and Aviva Miller $ 100.00

    Please have us in mind when you're pushing yourself up those hills on a hot and humid day in June, because we'll be relaxing on some beach! Have fun! :)

  • Adam Marchuck $ 100.00

    Good luck! Debbie Adam Jeremy, Noah and Sam

  • Rob Millstone $ 50.00
  • Adam Cohen $ 20.00

    Great cause! -Adam C

  • Gaisin Family $ 180.00

    Congrats on this upcoming achievement!!!! Wishing you all the best, DW, Daniel, Aliza, Akiva, and Moshe Gaisin

  • Yetta & Charles selengut $ 180.00

    In honor of our son Yehoshua Marchuck for his dedication to Jewish youth and Jewish education and for his many contributions to Klall Yisrael Yetta and Charles Selengut

  • Frieda Gartenhaus $ 18.00

    Best Wishes, Frieda Gartenhaus

  • Anonymous $ 36.00

    Yehoshua make it happen. NCSY is an amazing organization! Thank you for all you do!

  • Elly Storch $ 18.00

    Good Luck

  • Ilan Haber $ 36.00

    Go BikeNCSY! Love the work you do! I heard that OU-JLIC is doing a raffle...

  • Simcha & Mala Goldberg $ 50.00

    Tizku L'mitzvos!!! We will ride with you in spirit bec we're lazy ;) LOL

  • Ian Peters $ 400.00

    Let's Do this!

  • Shimmy Tennenbaum $ 180.00
  • Chaim & Kim Rothstein $ 100.00

    Go get em, Rabbi!

  • Anonymous $ 6.00

    Be a vessel for H' and when you are full you can spill out and impact others.

  • Deborah Marchuck $ 36.00

    So proud of you!

  • Tzali Freedman $ 100.00

    Hatzlacha Raba! Tzali

  • Yoel Gross $ 18.00
  • Ari K $ 18.00

    Have a great ride! Make sure your phone is safely stowed before kickoff :)

  • Serena and Moshe Benovitz $ 180.00

    Great Job!

  • Anonymous $ 25.00
  • Eli and Shani Hagler $ 36.00

    Aweosme job!!

  • Anonymous $ 36.00
  • Dovid & bonnie Kupchik $ 54.00

    Proud of you!

  • Shira And Josh Cooper $ 36.00

    Good luck! We are so proud to support our friend and role model! Shira and Josh Cooper and family