June 25 2017 Riding to Inspire
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Jeremy Chernikoff

This summer I plan to ride with Bike NCSY!

For those of you unfamiliar with NCSY it is the International youth movement of the Orthodox Union. What does that mean? To be brief, NCSY aims to connect (or in some case re-connect) Jewish teens to their heritage.

They accomplish this in myriad creative ways and as an employee of the OU I am most fortunate to witness and even participate in some of the behind the scenes work that makes these programs possible.

For those of you unfamiliar with me I live in Teaneck, NJ (originally from Brooklyn) with my beautiful wife and two incredible sons.

Do I ride often? Nope. Have I ridden a bike in the last five years? Again, no, but I'm looking forward to the challenge! (Note to self: buy a bike).

All donations are tax-deductible and I can vouch that not only is your generous donation going to a most worthy cause, but the people working on behalf on NCSY are forward-thinking, hard-working and devoted to inspiring the next generation of Jewish teens.

In addition to your support, and perhaps even more important I would love to have any friends or family members join me on Sunday June 25 for the ride - see you there and thanks for the support!

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  • Arielle Frankston-Morris $ 18.00

    Good luck!

  • Jeff Katz $ 18.00

    You can do it!

  • Sandy & Eli Klein $ 100.00

    Jeremy, if you need a bike, I may have one with training wheels :).Good luck! Sandy & Eli and family

  • Jason Chernikoff $ 180.00

    Ride 'em cowboy!!! with love from Su, J, Sam, Abby, and of course Ozzy!

  • Mom & Dad Chernikoff $ 100.00

    So proud of you! Go Jeremy!

  • Minna and faraj Samra $ 26.00

    Good luck! Tizke le mitzvot

  • Jeffrey Fried $ 250.00

    Keep up the great work on behalf of Klal Yisroel

  • Adam Cohen $ 100.00

    Good luck!

  • Milton White $ 25.00

    You can make it!

  • Moishe Dachs $ 180.00

    Way to go, Jer! Make us proud!

  • Estee and Noam Greenberg $ 54.00

    Pedal to the medal! (You get a medal, right?) Well done!

  • Mike Levy $ 100.00

    Great title to your email. Good luck!

  • Jared & Ari Harary $ 72.00

    You can do it Jeremy! I cracked up from your note to self - I have a call in to Me to the same effect. A certain 180 mile charity ride I'm doing can be tough on tricycle.

  • Jack Markowitz $ 100.00
  • Royal Wine Corporation Herzog $ 200.00

    Royal Wine Corporation wishes all the riders much luck for this wonderful organization.

  • Shirley Weinstein $ 180.00

    So proud that you're doing this!

  • Phillip & Sharona Vedol $ 18.00

    Good luck!

  • Dana and Pinny Becker $ 18.00

    Go Jeremy!

  • Miriam Weiland $ 18.00

    Go Jeremy!

  • Dror Barber $ 54.00

    Good Luck - we are all rooting for you and so proud! Love, Shani,Dror, Adira, Gavriel, & Efrat Barber

  • Joanathan and Tina Appel and Family $ 100.00

    GO JEREMY!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous $ 54.00

    In honor of RYM, Nicole, Shira and all the NCSYers who made Bike NCSY an amazing experience - a huge yasher koach!