AL & Shira Schiffman

Hi! We are the Schiffmans! Where Texas meets Jersey and the steaks are always great. And the stakes have never been higher. Riding to inspire the Jewish future.
We are raising funds for scholarships to help send NCSY teens on a year of learning and growth in the holy land #onedollaratatime
Guess who is biking and who is cheering/fundraising;) Cheer us on and show us some love ❤️ Join us as we embark on this journey together! Follow our training through Shira's Instagram and facebook pages! Here we go!


  • Sorala Tesser - $36.00

    Let’s go schiffmans!!! Good luck! Continue all ur awesome work!

  • Rachel Laury - $36.00


  • Shira Schiffman - $100.00

    My dear Husband! It is a great honor to be your partner in life and now your partner to bike. Even though you will be the one doing the biking;) Bike on! #onedollaratatime

  • Goldie Levy - $18.00

    Go Schiffman team! Good luck and HAVE FUN

  • Yehuda Leib & Chaya Eidensohn - $36.00
  • Tova Markowitz - $15.00

    Go team Schiffman!!

  • Chaim and Elana Grunberg - $36.00

    Go AL and Shira Go!! You guys are always going the extra mile to help others and you make the perfect team together! Keep being the role models you are to all of us! Good luck Leibel with the biking-hopefully no CPR needed. We are rooting for you! Chaim and Elana

  • Ruchy B - $18.00

  • Sarah Schiffman - $500.00

    In honor of the world's cutest couple!

  • Julia Ganchrow - $54.00


  • Elaine Dalto - $100.00
  • Cheryl Epstein - $186.00

    Way to go! Mommy

All proceeds go to support NCSY teens learning in Israel for a gap year.