Freda Greenbaum

Hi! I am thrilled to announce that I will ride with Bike NCSY this August! This is much more than just exercise (which is a bonus!). Riding with Bike NCSY allows me the opportunity to raise money for some of NCSY’s incredible causes. NCSY is the premier organization dedicated to connect, inspire and empower Jewish teens, while actively working to encourage passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition. NCSY provides many opportunities for high school teens, including after school learning programs, weekend Shabbatons, and leadership development initiatives. Bike NCSY enables hundreds of NCSY teens to continue on to the next stage of their Jewish journey, whether it’s on a Gap Year program learning Torah in Israel, taking a lead role in Jewish programs on their college campus, or beyond. Your partnership will help us enable Jewish teens from across North America to experience Torah and Judaism in a way they never thought possible. Join me in my cycling journey and cheer me on through Bike NCSY’s social media on Instagram (@bike_ncsy) and Facebook (@bikencsy)


  • Anonymous - $100.00
  • Jayne Shapiro - $100.00

    Mazel Tov!!!!! I’ll be thinking of you riding your bike while I am sitting on my sofa❤️

  • Michael Greenbaum - $118.00

    I am very impressed that you got a bike and you are doing this ride for a wonderful cause.

  • Brenda and Isaac Samuel - $100.00
  • Howard Barbanel - $100.00

    Go Freda!

  • Libby Isreal - $18.00

    Go for it

  • Mimi Jankovits - $100.00

    Go Freda! May the AlMighty give you koach to continue you to be you to 120 and inspire and lead all of us. With love and blessings always, Mimi

  • Anonymous - $100.00

    Knowing you I bet you will not even break a sweat. Ride safe and congratulation.

  • Vera Hirsh - $180.00

    Congratulations on your achievement and your good work for Jewish youth. Vera and Charles

  • lillian &jeffrey Glick - $100.00

    Pedal alway Freda!!

  • Ryan & Grace Wolpert - $54.00

    Go Freda! We'll be cheering you on for this great cause.

  • Mali Schwartz - $100.00

    I am impressed with your ongoing energy and drive. Enjoy Bike NCSY! Mali & Steve

  • Joe & Rose Falowitz - $100.00

    Good work for a good cause. Enjoy the ride. NCSY has a great fund raiser and a wonderful SPOKES-woman. Love, Joe & Rose

  • Denise Wolpert - $54.00

    So proud of you my friend for finding new ways to support a cause in which you believe. I'll be rooting for you!

  • Menno & Helen Ratzker - $360.00

    Appreciate all you're doing for our youth!

  • Harold Diamond - $100.00

    I love your enthusiasm. Post photos. Hugs, Suzette and Harry

  • Rachel and Alan Astalos - $100.00

    Have a wonderful ride for a great cause. Love, Rachel and Alan Astalos

  • Jayne Kaplan - $36.00
  • Rositta and Kolman Kenigsberg - $72.00

    Good luck

  • Anonymous - $10000.00
  • Roslyn Jaffe - $100.00

    Good Luck Freda - Way to go for the Kids! Love from Jerusalem- Rozy and Larry

  • Judy Mezey - $100.00

    Go Freda Go! Love from Judy and Bobby

  • Elaine Ross - $100.00

    To our Jewish rockstar!

  • Jack and Susan Gluck - $180.00

    Good Luck Freda, great what you’re doing! Have a safe ride!

  • Rose Schreiber - $100.00

    Go Freda, you're my inspiration!

  • Lillian Tabacinic - $100.00

    Sending you loads of encouragement! Kol hakavod!

  • Ari Greenbaum - $36.00

    Go Mom!

  • Helene & Larry Natinsky - $100.00

    Go Freda. Love Helene & Larry

  • Ricky and Pam Turetsky - $100.00

    Proud of you Freda.

  • Carene Ohayon - $46.00

    Good luck , amazing cause we love NCSY

  • Steven D Robinson - $200.00

    You looked like a winner riding past us last night. Joyce nd Steven

  • Micah Greenland - $100.00

    In honor of an amazing person and dedicated NCSY board member!

  • Ella Gelvan - $100.00
  • Drs. Miriam and Felix Glaubach and Family - $1000.00
  • Jesse Falowitz - $54.00

    Love, Elina & Jesse

  • Yakovah Greenbaum - $18.00

    We love you Bubby. Taliah, Mordechai, Yossi and Yakovah

  • Marcy Goldstein - $100.00

    Go Freda Thank you for all that you do!!!

  • Vicki Busch - $100.00

    You are such an inspiration with your enthusiastic zest for life while helping so many individuals you meet in your path!!! GO FREDA! You don't look old and you still have your gorgeous smile! Will have to meet you in CG to hear the stories!!! Be Careful and WE are rooting for you. Vicki and Ed

  • DEBRA HARTMAN - $180.00

    Well done Freda!

  • Helen Hill - $18.00

    Congratulations on riding high - and raising fund for a great cause. All the Best Helen Hill G.

  • Miriam & Morris Futernick - $100.00
  • Rose & Ed Leventhal - $100.00

All proceeds go to support NCSY programs and scholarships.