Yehoshua Marchuck

This is on and I AM BACK!

Last year I was sidelined with a steep inclined road in front of me - but today I am ready and focused on my training.... I am going to get back to where I was and beyond!

In January 2019, I rode 250 miles...... but only another 100 miles ever since. Those 100 flat surfaced miles may have been the most gratifying a person could dream of. Now it is time to look forward; I am back on my bike and peddling towards August 9th, which will be very meaningful for me on many different levels.

I invite you to join me on this journey; For this ride begins on August 9th, but continues 6,000 miles to Israel. Together, you and I will raise the funds to assist NCSY teens throughout North America to get the opportunity to learn Torah in a yeshiva/ seminary in Israel next year. Every dollar that we raise together will be allocated for the sole purpose of l'mud HaTorah b'eretz Yisrael, (the study of Torah in the land of Israel).

Let's ride this road together!


  • Dan Hazony - $36.00

    Yasher koach to R' Marchuck on his ride! He is always there fighting for the Jewish future.

  • Avi Katz - $360.00
  • Frieda Gartenhaus - $18.00

    B"H that you are again participating in this event. Hatzlacha. Frieda Gartenhaus

  • Deborah Marchuck - $118.00

    We are so proud of your commitment to Bike NCSY! Your perseverance to get on your bike and ride is so overwhelming. You can do anything! We love you! Deborah and Kids

  • Tzali freedman - $47.00

    IHO Chuck

  • Sholey and Chana Klein - $100.00

    You are a inspiration to us all! It’s so beautiful seeing you on that bike again! Also in those shorts! :)

  • Yaakov Meir and Chaya Marchuck - $100.00

    In honor of all you do for us and for klal yisroel. Hashen should continue to give you the strength and health to be matzliach in all of your Avados Hakodesh!

  • Pinny Rosenthal - $180.00

    In Honor of Rabbi Marchuck and his amazing spirit and his mesirat nefesh for Klall Yisrael!

  • STEVEN CHERMAK - $108.00

    We are so happy you're back. Have a great bike ride for such a wonderful event. Suzanne & Steven Chermak

  • Anonymous - $18.00

    go Yehoshua go!

  • Anonymous - $500.00

    Go Scott!

  • Shari and David Shapiro and The Decter/ Shapiro Family - $180.00

    May you continue to inspire and lead by example Rabbi Marchuk! Your impression on our entire family remains strong just like you! Kol hakavod and Tizku L’mitzvot!!

  • Ahron Rosenthal - $36.00

    In my deepest appreciation of all that R’ Marchuck does for klal Yisrael. Wishing you good health and Hatzlacha in everything!!

  • Moshe and Rivka Berman - $72.00

    Hatzlcha Raba on the ride! its great to contribute to such a great cause! Moshe and Rivka

  • Rabbi & Mrs. Herbert Russ - $36.00

    In honor of Rabbi Marchuck

  • Alona & David Shapiro - $180.00

    $100 in honor of Yehoshua Marchuck and $80 in wishing you Refuah Shelema. We are very proud of you.

  • Renee Wietschner - $36.00

    IHO Rabbi Marchuck

  • Joel Rosansky - $180.00

    Rabbi Yehoshua and Deborah, Yashar Koach, the two of you are amazing! What strength and determination. We wish you continued hatzlacha! Your cousins, Joel and Glenna

  • Ronna and Ely Cooper - $18.00

    Hatzlacha in all that you do!

  • Anonymous - $303.00

    To Rabbi Marchuck, Jon Ackerman, and the entire NCSY Alumni team: who work tirelessly to raise funds for the most important cause in NCSY or any other Kiruv organization- sending teens on a Gap Year program. Your schar is unimaginable and I am honored to be a part of it!

  • Simcha & Mala Goldberg - $180.00

    You’re a rockstar RYM!!! We are proud to be your friends. Keep on riding and inspiring!

  • Naomi & Zvi Nachman - $150.00

    We are so proud of you

  • Atara and Edo Lavi - $100.00

    With hakaras hatov to NCSY and special gratitude to Hashem for being able to sponsor our beloved Chuck this year! We love you guys!

  • sharyn blaustein - $100.00

    We are so happy that you are in the race again! We are proud to sponsor you in this worthy endeavor. Mr. & Mrs. B

  • Monique Gross - $36.00

    We are so thrilled to see you not just out and about, but back on your bike, WOW! Truly amazing, nothing can stop you. Hatzlacha of your ride! Monique & Joey

  • Allan and Carolyn Lieberman - $100.00

    Chasdei Hashem - Whatta comeback R' Yehoshua! Great seeing you on the road again.

  • Robert spitz - $100.00

    kol hakavoed dinah and robert spitz

  • Thecorus Fourus - $100.00

    In honor of the 5th yahrzeit of Leib Mordechai ben Moshe. May his neshama have an aliya.

  • Avraham Moshe And Chana - $72.00

    This is a real accomplishment. Hatzlacha on the ride! Avraham Moshe and Chana!!!

  • Lynne Gordon - $36.00

    Chazak v'ematz to rabbi marchuck!

  • Suzanne Mazel - $36.00

    Go, Rabbi Marchuck!

  • Scott and Aviva Miller - $100.00

    Awesome!!!! I thought I’d be biking this year with you, but realized I’ll be at the beach... ride on! Scott and Aviva Miller

  • David Simon - $119.00

    Always impressed and inspired by Reb Yehoshua Scott (TB) Dovid Marchuck. (I went $119 because it’s one more than Deborah).

  • Aliza & Yehuda (English) Eisenbach - $54.00

    In honor of your incredible passion and dedication to NCSY Alumni. Shkoyach, R' Marchuck!

  • Sara Leah Marchuck - $20.00

    Tatty! Hatzlacha on the ride!!!! Keep doing what you do for Klal Yisroel. Sara Leah!!!

  • Shani Marks - $18.00
  • Heidi and Mordy Wietschner - $54.00

    You are an inspiration to all. Have a great ride for an amazing cause !!!

  • reuven boshnack - $50.00

    Hatzlacha Raba! Great to see you back on the Bike again!

  • Moshe Gordon - $108.00

    So excited for you- BH!

  • Debbie, Adam, Jeremy, Noah & Sam Marchuck - $360.00

    Go Scott Go!

  • Shimmy and Lani Tennenbaum - $500.00

    In the merit of a continued Refuah Shelaima!

  • Joel and Sharon Moses - $100.00

    We are encouraged by you! May you go from strength to strength. Joel and Sharon

  • Sam and Donna Wach - $25.00

    Thrilled to see you back on the bike!

  • Shifra Marchuck - $65.00

    Go Tatty go!!! Continue doing all the great work you are doing!!!

  • Anonymous - $36.00
  • Ari K - $18.00

    Yasher Koach! Glad to see that you’re back in the saddle, Rabbi!

  • Stuart Boyarsky - $180.00
  • Simcha & Ellen Shaiman - $36.00

    What an inspiration! Hatzlacha on the ride ! Simcha, Ellen and the girls

  • Anonymous - $18.00
  • David Solomon - $180.00

    Bh, you’re back !!!

  • Avi Savitsky - $100.00

    You are the man!! Your energy and drive are infectious and iyh you should have great success with everything you do!! Best of luck!!

  • Moshe Leff - $180.00

    To my dear friend. You are an inspiration!!! I am proud to be your friend. Wishing you continued health, wealth, nachas. All the best Moshe and Devorah Leff P.S. Sol with always live on Ride Ride Ride

  • Stephie/Gary Bregman - $36.00

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to "join" you!We are so thrilled that you are able to meet this milestone! Love, Stephie and Gary Bregman

  • Alan & Sharoni Botwinick - $180.00

    We are so happy that you are able to ride this year. Your positive attitude and bitochon is an inspiration for all of us. Hatzlacha Rabba and you should be healthy and have much nachas from your family. We are proud to call you our friend

  • Eliyahu Gherman - $100.00

    Way to go! What an accomplishment bli yin hora. Hashem should continue to give you the ko'ach to bike and help NCSY in all the ways you can. Kol Hakavod! Shulie and Eliyahu

  • Yisroel Pupko - $75.00
  • Anonymous - $5.00
  • Yossi Cohn - $75.00

    Return van. Yossi Cohn

  • Shlomo Katz - $75.00

    Van fee

  • Moishe Dachs - $75.00

    Van spot, tizku l'mitzvos!

  • Mark Klein - $75.00

    Thanks for all you do for NCSY and the 5T Riders Montauk 110!!!

  • Anonymous - $75.00

    For the Van of Love

  • Sammy Lisker - $75.00


  • Anonymous - $5.00
  • Anonymous - $1.00
  • Ozer Simon - $100.00

    I’m so happy your back on the bike!!!! I

  • Andy Gladstone - $122.00

    37 to get you over goal, $75 for van

  • Jeffrey Morgenstern - $72.00

    van looking forward

  • Shira & Josh Cooper - $36.00

    Wishing you Hatzlacha! Thank you for all that you have done for our family. Love, Josh & Shira Cooper & Family

  • Leibish Zupnik - $100.00

    Yehoshua- so so happy and excited for you that you are back in action! Your faith, determination, and your perseverance are incredibly inspiring to me(us)and Klal Yisroel! Keep on racking up merits and inspiring young people to connect to Hashem through studying in his chosen land! You should have continued gezunt and Bracha V’hatzlacha in everything you do until 120! Leibish, Naomi and the whole Zups clan.

  • Deborah Gaisin - $36.00

    Go team Marchuck! May you continue to inspire us all in good health and success! Daniel and Deborah Gaisin and family

  • Carey Gruenbaum - $500.00


  • Rabbi and Mrs. Gary Menchel - $50.00
  • Aryeh and Sheva Mezei - $54.00

    In honor of the the Marchuks and all they do for Klal Yisroel

  • Shira Schiffman - $18.00

    Thank you for all you do for me and my family!

  • Chana And Tani renov - $180.00

    What a tremendous accomplishment! Wishing you continued hatzlacha!

  • Marina Schmidt - $54.00

    Dear Rabbi, We are so happy to see you riding for NCSY this year! We wish all the very best for you, for. your family, and for this great cause! Best and warm wishes, Minna, mom, and dad.

All proceeds go to support NCSY programs and scholarships.