Yehoshua Marchuck

Man plans and Hashem laughs. A true tenet of life. Sure, we like to think we have it all figured out, but around every corner surprises await.

This past December, I set a 2019 riding goal for myself. This was going to be a break-out year of riding for me. I invested in an indoor Wahoo Trainer; no longer would the outdoor chill prevent me from riding. I accrued over 250 miles in January and while the month of February was tightly scheduled with three business trips, I planned to bounce back in March. Or so I thought.

As many of you know, life, as my family knew it, has changed in recent months. A thinner and sleeker me, will not reap the benefits as most pro-riders do. I won’t be doing much riding in 2019 because Hashem, the Head Coach, called me into a different game this year. I plan to play that sport of His choice with a smile and put in even more effort. He is The Melech Malchei HaMelachim, and I am his servant.

With that said; I, we, still have a responsibility to the young men and women of NCSY. These teens are counting on us. Not for the miles we tally, but for the important funds raised, so that they can see their dream become a reality of learning Torah in Eretz Yisroel next year!

Many of you know that the last professional experience I had before my illness began, was leading a team of NCSY staff to visit 26 different yeshivot and seminaries in Eretz Yisroel. My goal was to educate them about the different nuances of programs in Israel in order to send each teen to the best school of their choice. Our staff are now ready to guide these teens to the right schools in Israel; BUT THEY CANT GO IF THEY LACK THE FUNDS TO GET THERE!

I am off the Bike NCSY 2019 Tour, for now, but my heart won’t allow us to say no to the kids who are traveling on their own Jewish Journey. Please sponsor my own unique Bike NCSY 2019 Journey and lets get these teens to the transformational opportunity of a year of Torah and growth in Israel!


  • Frieda Gartenhaus - $18.00

    Best Wishes, Frieda G.

  • Shaindy Marchuck - $100.00
  • Anonymous - $100.00
  • Deborah Marchuck - $180.00

    We love you and so proud of your strength! You dont need to physically ride on a bike to reach your goals! Everyday that you smile and recognize that Hashem loves you, is a step closer to your goals. Keep climbing. We are all here cheering you on! Deborah and your awesome kids!

  • Sara Leah Marchuck - $136.00
  • Anonymous - $100.00
  • Anonymous - $23.00
  • Joel & Glenna Rosansky - $360.00

    Yehoshua, Your strength and positive attitude are an inspiration to all of us. What a role model you are for the Klal! Looking forward to a successful Bike NCSY 2019 campaign this year, and your return to the tour next year. We continue to cheer you on!

  • Marc and Heidi Wietschner - $360.00

    Wishing you a complete Refuah Shlema and tizku lemitzvot !

  • Beth Goldsammler - $54.00

    You have inspired so much in my life. The work that you do for NCSY has certainly been no exception. Now, you continue to illuminate the derech for me in ways I could never have imagined. May Hashem grant you, Yehoshua Dovid ben Alte Yenta, continued great strength, and may you have a Refuah Shelaima.

  • Joel and Sharon Moses - $180.00

    Yehoshua, We are rooting for you to complete your goal on your current journey, Be ‘ezras HaShem next year back on the bike!

  • Simcha & Mala Goldberg - $180.00

    In Honor of Yehoshua Marchuck A rider A leader A hero Love, Simcha & Mala



  • Rob Millstone - $18.00

    You are amazing!

  • Moshe and Dvora Gordon - $36.00

    Amazing how even during a hard time you are full of Emunah and Simcha and still pushing for all of your beloved NCSYers!

  • sheva Mezei - $100.00

    You inspire us. May we have as much koach to rise to the challenges Hashem sends our way, with clear Emunah and Bitachon, as you do to yours!

  • Atara and Edo Lavi - $118.00

    ....for all the inspiration and chizuk we have given each other along our journey...may we continue to do that for many years my brother...

  • Stuart Boyarsky - $180.00

    Looking forward to watching future Islanders playoff games in the DogHouse with you!

  • Eliyahu and Shulie Gherman - $180.00

    Your emuna and dedication will keep you ridding for miles. Keep the spirit going and keep smiling through and know we are here cheering you and your family on through this journey.

  • Sharyn & Jerome Blaustein - $100.00

    You are an inspiration and we look forward to cheering you on in next year’s race! Mr. & Mrs. B

  • robert spitz - $100.00

    looking forward to riding together in the near future. great cause/great organization !

  • Lynne Gordon - $54.00

    Chazak v'ematz!

  • David Shapiro - $150.00

    Refuah shleima

  • Naomi Nachman - $180.00

    Keep strong and feel good

  • Debbie, Adam, Jeremy, Noah & Sam Marchuck - $360.00

    This is Wonderful - but we’re looking forward to seeing you back riding in next year’s race! We love you- Debbie, Adam, Jeremy, Noah & Sam

  • Jeremy chernikoff - $118.00

    Keep on ridin'

  • Yaakov Meir and Chaya Marchuck - $100.00

    We're cheering you on! Thank you for everything you do for us, always!!! Hatzlacha Raba!The Chuck's from Lakewood

  • Avi Katz - $360.00
  • Chananel HERBSMAN - $50.00

    With wishes for a complete recovery!

  • Anonymous - $760.00
  • Anonymous - $36.00

    A privilege to work with you! Thank you for reigniting my appreciation for gap year learning in E"Y!

  • Minna Schmidt - $109.00

    Dear Rabbi, I have found that from my greatest struggles, have come my greatest blessings. In difficult journeys, we achieve what we could not have achieved otherwise, growing not only from Hashem's gift of life, but also from the strength we achieve through struggle, inspiring others in our families and communities to grow in their strength as well. To a complete recovery very soon. With great love, The Schmidt Family.

  • David ARFA - $25.00

    R' Yehoshua, we thank you for encouraging us toward this mitzvah, and many other mitzvos. Continued refuah shleimah from your friends and admirers, the Arfas

  • Rachel Shammah - $52.00

    Keep fighting! We know you can do this! We are all rooting for you!

  • Adam & Masha Katz - $100.00

    Refuah Shleima

  • Daniel and Deborah Gaisin - $50.00

    Always an inspiration! With wishes for a healthy recovery..Daniel and Deborah Gaisin

  • Ari & Rachel Ziegler - $100.00
  • Scott and Aviva Miller - $180.00

    Sending you miles of love....

  • Pinny Rosenthal - $180.00

    Yehoshua, may we hear besoros tovos and may you continue your critical work on behalf of Klall Yisrael!

  • Anonymous - $36.00

    In complete awe and zchus for a refuah shelayma b'meheira.

  • David Solomon - $180.00

    ‏רפואה שלמה

  • Anonymous - $100.00

    Dear Tatty, We are awed what you have started for the Klal. We hope to see you back on your bike next year. Keep up your great work!!

  • aryeh dicker - $180.00

    As a zchus for your refuah shelema bekorov! Sorry I can’t ride, will miss you tomorrow!

  • Louie Seif - $672.00

    Beam Me Up! ❤️ B'Zchus Refuah Yehoshua Dovid Ben Alta Yenta

  • Ronna Cooper - $18.00
  • Elisheva Cooper - $18.00

    To Yehoshua and Deborah Marchuck, thank you for being mentors to my entire family and for all that you do for us. I can see why my parents look up to both of you. Thank you!! Refua Shlema Yehoshua Dovid Ben Alta Yenta.

  • Shira and Josh Cooper - $18.00

    In honor of Yehoshua and Debra, We love both of you so much!! Thanks for all that you have done for me and my entire family!! Refuah Shlaima to Yehoshua!!

  • Josh and Chana Bregman - $50.00
  • Stephie Bregman - $54.00

    In honor of our dear long time friends Yehoshua and Debora Marchuck! Thank you for everything! Gary and Stephie Bregman

All proceeds go to support NCSY teens learning in Israel for a gap year.