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Plainview, NY: A Community that Rides Together (June 6th)

NCSY is the reason, I hold the position I have today” said Rabbi Kalman Fogel, principal of Hebrew Academy of Nassau County – Plainview Campus. Rabbi Fogel first became involved with NCSY as a chapter advisor; this is where his passion for Chinuch sparked. He decided this was the career path he was destined for and continued to further his life’s mission. Rabbi Fogel will be joining a dozen Young Israel of Plainview members in their journey at Bike NCSY. Mr. Shneur Nathan, a member of the Young Israel of Plainview, recruited Plainview community members for his goal of assembling a team for Bike NCSY. His passion for biking sparked his all in engagement in this initiative.

A teen’s gap year experience is the time when one can shape who they want to be and where their love for Judaism and connection to the State of Israel flourishes. Plainview is a close knit community, many of whom regularly bike ride together. Members of the Plainview community feel it is imperative “to support NCSY as NCSY supports their community.” Plainview is banding together for Bike NCSY to support an important cause that means a lot to them.

Bike NCSY is the perfect initiative to strengthen and bring a community together. The Young Israel of Plainview team members have been training, fundraising and most importantly… having fun together. Bike NCSY is an event suitable for families and all level cyclists; with 5 routes ranging from 15 to 100 mile routes. Following the event, there will be a celebratory finish line BBQ. Looking forward to having you and your community join us in support for raising funds for gap year scholarships!

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